I wrote a story back in May about a former Army tank gunner named Jeff Barillaro (read the original here.)  Today, Jeff saw the story and made mention of it on his page.  In honor of his continuing pursuit to find an answer to the staggering military suicide rate, I wanted to put his story and video, which you can see below, back out in the front of things. 

Long time friend Erik Jon Barrett (USMC), has asked me several times to watch the video that Jeff Barillaro had done bringing awareness to the mind-boggling suicide rate from soldiers returning home; and overseas.

As of May 2013, there have been 64 potential active-duty suicides: 31 have been confirmed as suicides and 33 remain under investigation. As far as Reserve forces, there have been 70 potential not on active duty suicides (45 Army National Guard and 25 Army Reserve):  22 have been confirmed as suicides and 48 remain under investigation.

And along comes my new hero, Jeff Barillaro...

Red Flags,” a rap/hip-hop song written and recorded by former Army tank gunner Jeff Barillaro sends a strong message to 'be on watch' for suicidal tendencies among their peers.  The U.S. Army, which have the highest branch suicidal and KIA rate, is informally encouraging all military families to watch the video and listen to what it clearly is saying.

"Red Flags" is a great reminder that on many occasions, being shot at was easy; dealing with it and the loss associated with it, not so easy.  A Soldiers Silent Cry here in Northern Colorado deals with the suicide issue locally and ways you can help.  Please give their FB page a share and don't forget to watch 'Red Flags" directly below and please share it with everyone you know.