My heart is broken this morning. Just like everyone else I woke up ready for a Friday. I was ready to have a fun morning goofing around on the air and celebrating the end of the work week. That all changed when I found out about the shooting in Aurora. I cannot wrap my brain around it. I do not understand how this can happen. How can someone be so messed up and have no one know it?

Through my 25 years on the air here at K99 I have covered the flood in Fort Collins years ago, the tragedy at Columbine, the 9/11 attack, the wildfires and now this. We have had to endure a lot of tragedy here in Colorado over the past decades yet we always band together and heal. This one is going to take awhile to digest. It makes you want to make sure you tell your loved ones what they mean to you and hold them close. You just never know what the world is going to deal you on a daily basis. We need to cherish every moment.

This tragedy also makes me realize we need to keep our eyes open. We need to make all aware of how dangerous a messed up mental condition can be and make sure we know that there are places that can help those with issues. They can get help before they reach this level of disturbance. I also know that some things are just unexplainable and cannot be prevented. I am not sure where this one lies, I just know that we are all hurting today. My prayers are with the victims and their families and our entire community of Colorado. May we all heal together.