Reports of booby traps in the apartment of Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes have authorities treating the scene with extreme caution. Holmes, 24, was captured by police without a struggle after the horrific incident at the theater early this morning.

Precaution Protocol

All five buildings in the Aurora apartment complex have been evacuated. The possibility of any type of booby trap in his apartment is going to have authorities treating the scene with the most extreme precautions. If any type of booby trap is possible, they’ll approach as if every type of booby trap is possible. The suspect is expected to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of explosives since some of the weapons he used in the attack were not traditional including tear gas and they did work when he threw them into the crowd.

Given that he could have had as long as he wanted to create any kind of booby trap in his apartment, the authorities will revert to the safest of protocols to protect the men and women who are responsible for clearing his apartment and the rest of the complex.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates stated that the cleanup and evacuations could last a matter of hours, or it could stretch out for days. At this point the devices within the apartment appear to be very sophisticated with police rushing back and forth to the scene; some of them are reported to be high level officials.