Last year, Banner Health was able to transfuse over 7,000 donated blood products to its patients here in Northern Colorado, and this year, you could be a donor, too. (Source: Banner Medical Group)

According to Dee Gribble, Blood Donor Services Manager at North Colorado Medical Center, by giving just an hour of your time, you can help save up to two lives.

On August 6, Banner will be holding a blood drive at the new Banner Fort Collins Medical Center at 4700 Lady Moon Drive. Banner is in need of blood for trauma, cancer and surgical patients, and is looking for over 50 donors in the community to help meet their demands.

Donors should be healthy, well fed and hydrated prior to giving blood, and are encouraged to contact Veronica at (970) 820-4580 to schedule an appointment in advance.

The drive begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. All donors must also have a valid driver's license.