When it comes to the basketball madness of March, those of us in the Barnes household have our brackets done early. There's a method to the madness for sure!

With the exception of my son Mason who follows College basketball with a fevered frenzy (by the way, he scored 17 last night in the All Star game) the rest of us follows the scientific rules as described in the ESPN commercial below. It can be exact, or not.

We tend to go with the 'or not' philosophy in our castle.

I do forbid pencils in the ceiling since it's drywall and not acoustic but it has been suggested in years past if knives would be OK.  No, you can't use a knife either in the ceiling.  I've seen it all though.

  • Which mascot could eat the other one
  • Who has the cutest point guard (for my daughter)
  • Who has the cooler home court
  • Flip a coin (boring)
  • Rock, paper, scissors
  • We have also thrown darts

Doesn't matter what your technique is. It's just good family fun; especially when you have something on the line as in chores, dishes or who cooks dinner. I use it as a tool to include the entire family and the smack talk is always uplifting.

I picked my bracket based on a little bit of everything and invite you to fill our your bracket and play against me here on the K99 website. You could win a Million bucks!  Just click the link and git r done!