In Old Town Fort Collins we have what I like to call "The Ice Cream Triangle". I was drawn into the triangle this past weekend to find the "Best Place to Get Ice Cream in Fort Collins." There were also a couple of places outside of Old Town that made my top 5.

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    Dairy Queen

    Even though Dairy Queen is not unique to Fort Collins I had to include them in my top 5. There is no better place to get soft serve ice cream. The vanilla cone dipped in chocolate is still one of my favorite treats of all time. Fort Collins has 4 locations, but my favorite is the one on College Avenue next to the Spring Creek trail. There is always a line out the door when the weather gets nice.

    Photos by Todd Harding
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    Cold Stone Creamery

    Cold Stone Creamery has some amazing creations. They take your favorite ice cream and favorite topping and mix them all together and cram them in a dish that doesn't seem to be big enough to hold it all. I had the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection and that is just what it was...perfection. Cold Stone almost made it into my top 3. A different location probably would have done it. They are located on a very busy Harmony road just west of Timberline. However, people on the East side of Fort Collins need great ice cream too.... and they get it at Cold Stone.

    Photos by Todd Harding
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    Walrus Ice Cream

    Many people would say Walrus Ice Cream is the best ice cream in Fort Collins, but they are #3 on my list. They are one of the 3 wonderful shops in the Ice Cream Triangle on Mountain Avenue, just West of College Avenue. Walrus is Locally Owned and has some amazing home-made ice cream. I love their unique flavors. I had the Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream. It was delicious. The lack of selection is what kept them from cracking my top 2.

    Photos by Todd Harding
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    Kilwin's of Fort Collins

    I honestly didn't expect Kilwin's to be in my top 2 when I began this adventure, but they almost grabbed the top spot. It is the perfect quaint little ice cream and candy shop right in the middle of the Ice Cream Triangle on College Avenue, just south of Mountain. I was greeted by the friendliest staff of any store I visited. They have 32 flavors of ice cream. They all looked wonderful. I had the original Kilwin's Tracks. I was knocked out. I love ice cream with big chunks of chocolate and other bits of goodness. Kilwin's could easily be #1 on my list and probably should share the top spot.

    Photos by Todd Harding
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    Ben & Jerry's

    This list is the "Best Place Place in Fort Collins to Get Ice Cream". There is no better place than smack dab in the middle Old Town Square at Ben & Jerry's. The ice cream is always wonderful. Cherry Garcia is still my favorite ice cream of all time....and the location is perfect. You can't beat being right next to the Fountain in Old Town listening to some music on the stage and eating Ben & Jerry's. It's not just great ice cream. It is a one of a kind experience...and completes the Ice Cream Triangle.

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