With great anticipation we wait for the 4th annual Down and Derby event in Northern Colorado. A time to gather with friends, eat, drink, watch the Kentucky Derby and help children in the area. So put on your big hat's and get ready to watch the horses.

Down and Derby NOCO 20/30

It's an annual event, the Down and Derby, put on by NOCO 20/30, but who are they? I got to chat with the NOCO Vice President, Russell Baker and he explains it completely:

Okay, so we know who they are and what a great asset to our community, but what is the Down and Derby:

Down and Derby NOCO 20/30

Who really benefits from the Down and Derby and how can other agencies benefit in the future:

Sounds like a great time with a far reaching hand to help kids in Northern Colorado, besides the helping kids out why should you buy a ticket:

Down and Derby NOCO 20/30 Hats

With such a huge party how can one be sure that people will be safe as they leave such a great party:

And our final thoughts as I conclude my interview with NOCO 20/30 Vice President Russell Baker:

Remember this weekend only get your pre-sale tickets discounted, buy yours at Old Chigaco (with the exception of Loveland location(s))