In a hotly contested issue, lawmakers in Denver debated the use of Native American mascots in the state of Colorado. The bill passed the first committee with a 6-5 vote and now moves to another panel before moving to the state House. While several of the comity members pointed out how they were personally offended by several of the images and mascot names such as the "savages" and "redskins." Others stated that schools who currently have these mascots treat them with respect and pride.

According to the Coloradoan, if the bill passes the house, public schools that currently have or want to use a Native American mascot would need to get permission from a nine person panel of Native Americans. This is similar tot he NCAA who in 2005 warned school that they would face sanctions if they did not change their Native American logo or mascot. Some schools were able to keep their names by obtaining permission from a tribe, like the Florida State Seminoles. In Colorado, schools who don't get permission, will have two years to change their mascots or face a $25,000 a month fine.