Blake Shelton - IS he The Most Interesting Man in Country Music?  Well, he's certainly enjoying his little commercials-- Episode four is on.... Poets?

Check out the latest-- and the rest by reading more!

Here, in episode four, The Most Interesting Man in Country Music dishes on poets and their craft-- Hello Friday!


Episode Three:

Blake is becoming quite notorious for his Twitter posts- so this one is especially relevant and funny!

Here's The Most Interesting Man in Country Music's take on careers:

To get you up to date- here's the first 'commercial'- introducing Blake as the mysterious Country musician "Blake Shelton":

"Red River Blue" comes out Tuesday July 12-- I would expect more "commercials" between now and then...

What do YOU think? Do these make you want to get the release- or do you think Blake is just wasting his time?

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