Bob Hosier's life was cut short last year when a car pulled out in front of him. Next month, many from Journey 4 Justice will honor his biggest wish this year.

One thing Bob and I shared in common besides the love for our country, our flag and motorcycles, was that our birthdays are only a couple weeks apart. In years past, I have always done a big motorcycle ride on my birthday, usually an Iron Butt ride, but the last two years I have taken trips to Topeka on behalf of Journey 4 Justice to go wave my flags at my favorite spots in Topeka.

So last year I did another trip to Topeka in April to celebrate my 50th birthday. It was also Bob's first trip to Topeka (the photo on this story is Bob on that trip) as an official member of my Colorado 1 team. During the time in Topeka, all Bob could talk about was going back in 2014 to celebrate his 50th birthday the same way.

Many of you know Bob's life was cut short on 26 September 2013 when a car pulled out in front of him on his way to work. So many of us from all across the country will be making the trip to Topeka Kansas next month to honor Bob and celebrate his birthday for him.

The ride is open to anyone who knew Bob (motorcycles not required) and would like to help honor one of his biggest wishes. The ride will be leaving on Bob's birthday, Friday, April 25th from Greeley and returns Sunday the 27th. We have 20-30 going from Colorado alone in addition to some Journey 4 Justice members from Texas, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

For those of you who have always talked about going to Topeka and seeing what Journey 4 Justice does, this is another invitation to step up to the plate, pack some flags, and go stand for something good in the face of evil. For those interested and looking for more information please click the big red link below.

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk

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