Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are staring down a lawsuit levied at them by a Dallas songwriter who claims that the twosome stole their 2011 hit 'Remind Me' from her.

According to the Nashville City Paper, Amy Bowen once lived in Nashville and performed as Lizza Connor. She claims she wrote the song in 2007 and copyrighted it in 2008.

Bowen also says that she played the song 19 times in public and during a workshop where songwriters John Kelley Lovelace and Charles Christopher Dubois were present. So it appears that she kept a detailed record or log of her material and her intellectual property.

Since Lovelace and Dubois are both credited as co-writers on the Paisley/Underwood track, Bowen's lawsuit seems to stem from the fact that she thinks that the songwriters heard her song at the workshop, cribbed it and reworked it for the superstars and CMAs co-hosts. She also claims that Dubois suggested that the song be turned into a duet.

Her suit claims that the songs are "substantially" similar and therefore she is seeking a hefty sum of $10 million in damages and requests to be named the song's owner. It'll be up to the courts to decide or it could be settled to avoid any sort of trial.

So far, there has been no comment from either Paisley or Underwood about this legal action regarding their former No. 1 hit, which lives on Paisley's 'This Is Country Music' album.