You can see Brantley Gilbert and Tyler Farr at Cheyenne Frontier Days, but one place you won't see them together is on Farr's reality show — and for good reason.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Brantley Gilbert will be headlining Cheyenne Frontier Days on Friday, July 21, in the company of tour mate Tyler Farr, who he says is a good old friend. However, when we asked him if he'd be making an appearance on Farr's reality show, A Little Too Farr, Gilbert revealed why you won't see him.

Gilbert also told us a little bit about his new song, 'The Ones That Like Me.' While he admits promotional photos paint him as the tough guy who is 'about to beat the camera up,' that's not the whole picture, which inspired his latest single from The Devil Don't Sleep.

'There's a little more to me than brass knuckles and chains,' Gilbert says about his new song, 'The Ones That Like Me.'

You can hear the audio here: