Written by Joy Greenwald

The Cheyenne teen believed to have pulled the trigger in Saturday night's fatal shooting at 1008 Drew Court has been arrested.

Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Captain Linda Gesell says detectives found 18-year-old Austin Daniels in room 127 of the Rodeway Inn around 9 a.m. this (Wednesday) morning.

"He had a prior warrant for failing to appear with his underlying charge being conspiracy to commit burglary so we placed him in custody for that," said Gesell.

Gesell says Daniels also had a Smith and Wesson .380 handgun in his possession, which may have been the gun used in the shooting that killed 19-year-old Mark Dreiman.

"As a result of the autopsy they said it could be two different calibers of gun, a .380 or a .9 mm," said Gesell. "Now that we have the gun we'll have to do some more testing on that."

Gesell says Daniels is currently being questioned by detectives, but it's unclear at this time whether he will be charged in the shooting.

Dreiman's family believes the shooting was an accident.