This week we celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday and every year during this week Todd and I go to schools and read Suess books to the kids. Today we will be at Scott Elementary in Greeley, we have been there the last 10 years or so doing this, and yesterday we went up the mountain to Red Feather Elementary.

What a blast!! I just love getting to spend time with the kids, they lift me up. The drive up there was gorgeous expect for the 2 times I ate the dash as Todd locked up the brakes while saying, "I think that was our turn." We were so warmly greeted by the wonderful faculty when we arrived and were given large Cat In The Hat hats to wear while we read. I finally had a hat big enough to fit all my hair under. I got to read several Suess titles including Horton Hatches An Egg, One Fish Two Fish and more. I read one book called Hop On Pop that ended up as a full class participation rap song. I couldn't help it, the good Dr. Suess just lends itself to rap, getting a whole classroom of kids to pound on there desks for drumbeats and a choir of young voices as beat boxes was quite a treat to my ears. I don't think that is a noise they are used to hearing in the school, the faculty all peeked in to see what the noise was and I am sure they were then wondering why they invited us. One of my favorite books to read to kids is The Lorax, I love the message of the book and I just love the look of the little dude. I told the kids that I thought he looked like a miniature Wilford Brimley which I guess was a bit of an obscure reference for 2nd graders to pick up. I also read a book about reptiles. We talked about my fear of snakes and mayonnaise, I found out most are afraid of snakes too and a few were a bit skittish about the mayo. I learned that iguanas drink salt water and sneeze the salt out their noses. I have heard of fresh ground pepper but never freshly sneezed salt. Can u imagine a waiter carrying around a pepper grinder and a salt sneezing iguana from table to table?

The parents and teachers from Red Feather even made a donation to our 28 Hours of Hope which made me tear up. People are so wonderful. Thank you kids and staff for all the smiles and a heart-warming day. I look forward to more smiles today with the kids at Scott Elementary. Get involved and donate some time to spend with our kids, they deserve you.