Am I the only one who doesn't understand why the Nuggets are trying to trade Carmelo? I know the thought is that he will leave after the season and they get nothing for him, like what happened with Dikembe Mutumbo years ago. I say "So What?"

We signed Melo for a certain amount of years. Let him play out that contract and see what happens. Instead of trying to get something for him, how about getting something to play with him here? Let's enjoy and use his talents while we have him. The Nuggets are good enough to beat any team in the NBA and inconsistent enough to lose to any team in the NBA as well, but they have a shot. I thought the goal was to win today. We have a better shot of winning today with Carmelo. Why not try to win a championship this year and I bet Melo will want to stay with a winner? If he chooses to leave, I wish him luck. He has handled all of this turmoil this year in a classy manner. If he goes, it is the front office's job to find the pieces to replace him but not until his contract is up. Just let him play for what he signed for and enjoy his talents. The Nuggets play the Lakers tonight at 8:30 at the Pepsi Center. Win this one and beat the champs and then make a run for the title THIS YEAR!