Going backstage at a concert is not always great and then sometimes is can be almost magical.  That was the case back in 2007, when the Oak ridge Boys brought their Christmas show to the Budweiser Events Center in  Loveland.  It's a night I will never forget.

It was one of those shows where they do their big hits in the 1st half of the show and then Christmas songs during the 2nd half. Brian Gary, Susan Moore and I were scheduled to to do the intro for the concert. We were backstage for  a meet-and-greet with the band and Susan was talking with one of the Oak Ridge Boys.  She asked him if they were going to do her favorite song, "Sail Away".  He said, unfortunately  it wasn't on their play-list that night.

The next thing you know all 4 of the guys were gathered around Susan.  They started singing "Sail Away" and Susan started to cry. Brian and I both had lumps in throats as big as country biscuit.  It was perfect.   Hats off to the Oak Ridge Boys. Not every band would have done that.   It is to this day one of my favorite moments ever at K99.