I try to help where are I can. There are some areas of life that I kind of consider myself an expert at and snack foods would be one of those areas. One look at me and you would think that I could probably tell you more about the different flavors of Lay's potato chips than I could home gyms and you would be right. I am a creative and helpful snacker though as you will see in this video.

One of my favorite snack foods has always been Cheetos. The problem with Cheetos though is the tell tale orange finger syndrome you get from eating them. That Cheeto dust clings to you like Saran Wrap but there is hope. I am going to show you a way that you can eat your Cheetos in any situation and have no fear of orange extremities. You can now be dressed for a formal night out or even in a wedding gown and still down a bag of those deliciously cheesy planks of happiness. Check out my helpful video here.