The regular season for the NFL kicked off last night in Denver. The Broncos took on their Super Bowl opponent, the Carolina Panthers for their first regular season game and won by a single point 20-21.

There is a lot of talk about the game today. There is also a lot of talk about one of the Denver Broncos players kneeling during the National Anthem yesterday. That player was Brandon Marshall. In an article in USA Today,  Marshall stated that "I'm, not against military" and "I'm not against police or America. I am against social injustice".

JustinEdmonds, GettyImages

A local credit union didn't see Marshall's actions during the National Anthem align with their values and after 5 short months of being the spokesman for Air Academy Federal Credit Union, Marshall was dropped. The credit union posted to Facebook as to why they chose to release Marshall as their spokesman as seen in the post HERE.

The Denver Broncos have issued a statement on Brandon Marshall's actions saying “While we encourage members of the organization to stand during the Anthem, we understand, respect it’s a personal decision.”


What do you think about this? I understand that actions such as this are a freedom of expression and permissible under the First Amendment. Some people are mad at the credit union for releasing Marshall. However, freedom of speech and expression doesn't mean that you are exempt from the repercussions of actions taken. As Marshall is figuring out, he has a right to stand up for what he believes in. At the same time Air Academy Federal Credit Union can choose to say they don't condone what Marshall did and his actions do not align with their company.


Source: 9News / USA Today