The rain dance is a traditional American Indian ritual and for those who believe can create a rain shower or two.

  1. Never do a rain dance on a hill.
  2. Make sure that you have a lot of room so that you don't run into anything.
  3. Spin around in clockwise circles.
  4. Make up your own rant chant, it should be rhythmical and easy to say fast.
  5. Yell your rain chant while spinning around in circles.
  6. Should you need to get rid of the rain, say your chant backwards while spinning in counter clockwise circles.

*Your writer, D Dennison does not mean to make light of American Indian traditions. In fact, she is a registered Choctaw.

Northern Colorado has a 10% chance of rain today, however the afternoon could be riddled with lightening and gusty winds. For all of us affected by the Hewlett Gulch fire, I hope our collective thoughts can bring more moisture and less wind and lightening.

The challenge:

I challenge us all to collectively think about rain or do a rain dance at 2pm this afternoon. I also challenge us to a protective cover of positive thought over the residents, firefighters, wildlife and our precious lands.