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Update: Kelsey Berreth’s Fiancé Arrested For Murder
We all remember Kelsey Berreth, the young mother and pilot whose disappearance caught national attention a few weeks back. Today, according to this article from 9 News, a multi-jurisdictional team arrested Kelsey’s fiancé, Patrick Frazee, on charges of first-degree murder and solicitatio…
Give Me Candy Or Give Me Death
If you want to take a break during this windy hump day, why not make a quick whimsy-trip to any of these great Fort Collins candy stores? You can get some last-minute gifts there, and no one needs to know if one of them is your holiday gift to yourself.
Stressed About Gifts? Not Anymore, You're Not
Hello, and welcome to the holiday season! You know what that means: getting “Let It Snow” stuck in your head for forty-eight hours straight, drinking 20% more hot chocolate and, of course, proving your devotion to your loved ones by getting them gift cards to Target.

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