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16 Children Missing From Colorado Since March 1st
16 children have gone missing in the state of Colorado since March 1st according to Scroll through the photos and see if you happen to recognize any of these missing children. Maybe you can help bring them home.
If you happen to see any of these children, you are being asked to call …
Multiple Car Pile Up Closes Eastbound I-70
A multi-vehicle pile-up has shut down the eastbound side of Interstate 70 at mile marker 213 east of the Eisenhower Tunnel.
The video above shows at least a dozen vehicles were involved in the accident.
I-70 EB: Road closed at MM 213
How Sexy is a Coloradan Accent?
Most of the time you can tell someone is a Colorado native by the way they talk. There is no real accent you can discern, but you can tell by the lingo they're a Coloradan through and through.
CSP Uses Planes to Catch Speeding Cars
If you like to zip up and down I-25 at 100+ MPH, you might be in for a rude awakening one of these days. You might not see them, but CSP is checking your speed from 1,500 feet above your vehicle.

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