Monday I wrote up a story re-capping our 2013 Journey 4 Justice National Rally in Topeka Kansas including what happened Sunday morning when we once again engaged them with our flags and ran them off.  Turns out one of those members of the church of hate also had a run-in with Vince Gill.

One of the many things that really upset me about these vile members of the 'church of hate' are the smiles on their faces when they know you would prefer to just knock them out where the stand.  I'm sure Vince Gill had those same feelings last Sunday night.

Vince heard members of the WBC had gathered outside the venue he was playing at so he ventured outside because he "wanted to see what hate looks like."  To my surprise, the guy in the orange shirt that you see Vince talking with was also in the bunch we ran off earlier the same day in Topeka around 10:00 AM at Family Video.  He's the one at the end of the featured picture walking away.

Way to go Vince!  Check out the video of his encounter below if you haven't already seen it, but be warned, he uses the same language I do and it's not necessarily Sunday language if you know what I mean.