I swore I would never write about what has been going on around the country with all these High School protests concerning Ferguson, but, I just can't stay quite any longer.

Many students across Denver once again today walked out of classes to go protest on the streets and school administrators seem to be encouraging it:

Today, students from several of our schools walked out of classes to participate in peaceful demonstrations. Although we support our students in expressing their views on important civic issues, every second of classroom instruction is important. Ensuring student safety is a top priority in Aurora Public Schools. We have asked students to obey traffic laws and remain on sidewalks. Staff members and security officers stayed with students during the demonstrations to help keep them safe. When our students want to express their views, we encourage them to talk with school staff and APS administrators who are always available to students. Together, we work to find ways to discuss important issues without disrupting classroom learning. We appreciate the support of our families and community at this time - Aurora Public Schools

Forensic evidence paints a different picture than what all these High School protesters seem to think. From what I gather, they all think that Mr. Brown was indeed a "Gentle Giant" and was shot while his hands were in the air.

Let's look at the facts that were pointed out by the Grand Jury:

  • Mr. Brown robbed a store
  • Mr. Brown initially ignored Officer Wilson's orders to stand down
  • Mr. Brown punched Officer Wilson in the face while he was still in his patrol car
  • Mr. Brown tried to get Officer Wilson's gun in his patrol car
  • Mr. Brown had gunpowder on his hand - Only one way that could happen
  • Mr. Brown was charging Officer Wilson when he was shot
  • Mr. Brown never had his hands in the air when shot -  Science proved that

So what are they protesting?  Can't they read or spend :30 seconds on a Google search? Did you know this year that for every black person shot by a police officer, three white people were shot by police officers? Let's not even debate the numbers between White on Black vs. Black on White crimes yet racism is worse than it ever has been.

Why are so many trying to make a Martyr out of Mr. Brown?
What does Denver or any other city across America have to do with it?
What is blocking Interstate/City travel in cities across the country going to do?

What good does any of this do?

And to think that many in Denver cheered earlier this week when a DPD officer was run over (still in critical condition) trying to protect them, well, sickens me to be honest. And today, Friday, December 5, a child was run over in Denver. What's "peaceful" about that?

I think that decades from now, most of these youth across the country who are skipping school will look back and be embarrassed by their actions here in recent days. In fact, I would be willing to bet that the highest percentage of these kids have no clue why they are even protesting.

Shame on all of you, and if you are our future, it's a bleak shallow minded one. Put your phones down for 2 minutes and start thinking for yourself and stop being sheep!