When it comes to the "New Year" I don't make resolutions, I decide my vacation time and submit it on Jan 1.  This year is no different, or a surprise, on where I am riding for my Birthday.

It's no secret that I started doing "birthday rides" a long time ago.  We are supposed to be able to do anything we want, right?  So now instead of doing Iron Butt rides I like to ride to Topeka to annoy the family of the Wetburro Baptist Cult.

It's an open ride (or drive) for anyone.  I am leaving Greeley at 4 AM Friday, April 12th and we'll leave Topeka Sunday no later than 10 AM.  We will again be staying at our base headquarters; The Clubhouse Inn and Suites, the official hotel for Journey 4 Justice.

The Clubhouse Inn and Suites (924 Southwest Henderson Road, Topeka, Kansas 66615) has again graciously offered Journey 4 Justice members a $59 room rate based on occupancy.  It's a beautiful place offering a full breakfast, complete with waffles and BACON. The hotel is very comfortable and easy access right off I-70 (Exit 256) on Wannamaker Rd.  Just call the front desk at (785) 273-8888 and let them know you are a member of Journey 4 Justice when booking your room/s.

This is a very special ride for me this year since it's my 50th and the fact that so many friends want to go on this trip makes it the best run yet. In fact, I would like to thank the following, in addition to our Topeka members, for committing their personal time to share this experience with me:

  • EJ Barrett - TL for Ohio 1 (Franklin)
  • Brian Gary - TL/Colorado 4 (Greeley)
  • Danny Joe Mishoe - Colorado 4 (Loveland)
  • Melissa Hungness - TL/Oklahoma 2 (Oklahoma City)
  • Jerry Clark - Colorado 6 (Pierce)
  • Alex Stalker - Colorado 6  (Colorado Springs)
  • Donald Mitchell - Texas Nomad (Fort Worth)
  • Bob Hosier - Colorado Nomad (Kersey)
  • Josh Finley - Colorado Nomad (Fort Morgan)