Last week I was reading a story on a military veteran who believe it or not was willing to give up her spot at Arlington National Cemetery for the alleged Boston Bomber who died in shootout with police last month.  I was personally appalled and so are millions of others.

We have a serious problem in this country with people coming down on the wrong side of wrong. What the hell is their damage, I wonder? We have people (alleged Americans) who think the Tsarnaev brothers are just a couple of misunderstood juvenile delinquents creating mischief on the streets of Boston.

Willful blindness remains the order of the day is a line from an article I read somewhere shortly after the terrorist attack. It speaks of a glaring societal dysfunction that allows us to somehow relate to haters and killers and even terrorists as damaged people deserving of our sympathy. It’s outrageous! Where is the sympathy for innocent American lives lost and forever ruined? The Tsarnaev brothers are not boys. They are not damaged goods. They are not a product of American society’s ills. They are evil incarnate and as far as I am concerned anyone who shows them one iota of sympathy is just as evil, as is the case with the lunatic USAF (I choke on the V-word) Veteran Julie Frein who said she was willing to give up her burial plot at Arlington Nation Cemetery for the dead Tsarnaev brother so his family can get some closure. You might as well offer a presidential send-off to Adam Lanza or Jared Loughner.


My opinion? The dead Tsarnaev brother should not be allowed to foul the soil of any cemetery in the United States of America. If the family cannot see to his remains then he should be food for the fishes. That’s the proper display of closure for Americans and far more than he deserves. American families are struggling to deal with the carnage wrought by the Tsarnaev brothers. I figure the Tsarnaev family should have to figure out closure for themselves. We owe them nothing.

The traitorous and ignorant (vets cannot simply transfer a plot in a national cemetery) Julie Frein should forfeit her right to Veterans last rites for even spouting something so anti-American. I am outraged that she even considers planting the likes of Tsarnaev in a cemetery that houses this country’s heroes is appropriate. Not only that, Frein should be made to watch the graphic film of the bombings even the massacre-mongering news networks would not air. Frein has more nerve than brain cells – how could she worry about the eternal rest of an animal who maimed and killed for no other reason than to serve resident evil? If it were up to me Frein would be escorting the putrid remains of a terrorist home and looking for a new country of residence.

Sympathy for the devil is an alarmingly degenerate exercise in political correctness. Those who perpetrate evil are not diseased or ill or confused. Rather, those who look at evil as some sort of curable affliction are the conflicted ones. Why are people in denial over the concept that some things really can be explained by simply drawing a no frills distinction between good and evil?

Arlington National Cemetery released this statement:

We want to make it clear that this suspect is not eligible to be buried at Arlington - a veteran can't transfer their eligibility to another person. Frein’s service does not make her eligible for burial in a National cemetery other than sharing a plot with her husband who is a Navy retiree.

Vickie Downing is a geographically challenged Texan now living in Fort Collins – She loves books and rides on the Harley.  Her support for our Veterans and the Military goes above and beyond and she bleeds red-white and blue everyday. Check back next week for another topical view of the world today.