Jessie James is another one of those talents that is right on the verge on something big, or is she? She has two albums out but her most popular songs "Boys in the Summer," "When you call my name" and her newest video called "Military Man" just haven't had the success many thought but that could change with time.

Her first album Jessie James was released in 2009 debuting at number twenty-three on the Billboard 200.

Sweet American Dreams was released in the Summer of 2011 after being delayed after the first single "Boys in the Summer" had minor success but failed to even chart on the Billboard Hot 100. So after having struggled with accepting her career path as a pop singer, James told her label in the midst of preparations for that album that she did not want to be a pop artist and wanted to record country music.

James then began recording in April 2011 and the first single called "When You Say My Name" was released on January 31, 2012 and her new single "Military Man" was just released on May 22 of this year.

She has a beautiful voice so we'll see if her label and management team can work it out and get this talent to a top 10 hit possibly!