Mountain, Streamside, Eagle...these are all pretty common street names that one might expect to come across while driving in Colorado — but what about those green signs that make you do a double-take because the name of that road is so damn weird? These Colorado streets will leave you scratching your head, and wondering just who came up with these crazy names.

100 Year Party Court - Longmont

Not sure how this Court got its name, but it sounds like one of the liveliest of Longmont.

Photo via Google Maps

Leather Chaps Drive - Monument

Fitting name for a Western street...especially if any Colorado cowboys or cowgirls happen to live on it...

Photo via Google Maps

Drunk Horse Lane - Westcliffe

Maybe the residents of Drunk Horse Lane should get together with the party people in Longmont?

Photo via Google Maps

Nofing Way - Red Feather Lakes

We've told you a little bit about Nofing Way before, but it's still way hard to believe this is real.

No Name Lane - Glenwood Springs

No Name Lane – right next to No Name Creek. They really got creative over in Glenwood Springs.

Photo via Google Maps

A Dog Will Lick His Butt But Won't Eat A Pickle Road - Fountain

Last but not least, the most creative street name in all of Colorado (and probably the U.S. too),  A Dog Will Lick His Butt But Won't Eat A Pickle Road. When the HOA told a nearby family it was their responsibility to name the road, I don't think they were expecting something like this. While the city of Fountain doesn't actually recognize this as a street name, this unique road sign causes many drivers to stop and take photos.