Sometimes I love my job. Here is one major reason. This month I get to drive a brand new Nissan Titan 4x4 pick-up truck and talk about how much I love it on the radio. 

There are so many things I like about it.  I have made a list of few of my favorite features.

Jenny Harding, For TSM
  • I am a big guy and this truck has plenty of head room and plenty of leg room.  There is also lots of room in the back seat as well.
  • I love the voice-activated (or touch screen) in-dash computer that has GPS, satellite radio, and even the weather.
  • The Titan has Bluetooth capability that allows me to connect it to my iPhone.
  • I can play any songs I have on my iPhone through the truck's stereo system.
  • I can make a phone call on my cell with a push of a button on the steering wheel.
  • The Titan has a back up camera that keeps me from backing into stuff.
  • The seat warmer keeps me from shivering on my way to work every morning.
  • There are tons of places to store stuff in this truck and lots of cup holders. (My wife loves that!)
  • It handles like a dream.  It's like driving a high performance car.
  • It has automatic settings for the seat. If my wife were to drive the truck and forgot to move the seat back, I could fix that with the touch of a button.

Thanks to my wife Jenny for helping with the photos.  For more info about the Nissan Titan 4x4, go to