Todd Harding, TSM

When you see Sam Hunt with Maddie and Tae, Billy Currington with Ned LeDoux, Jake Owen with Old Dominion, Kiss with Aaron Watson,and Florida Georgia Line with Cole Swindell at Cheyenne Frontier Days, you will be watching them on the Largest mobile stage in North America.

Frontier Days spent just over a million dollars to bring the massive stage to the Daddy of Em' All. I got a chance to stand on the stage last night and it is enormous.

This YouTube video shows how the tires turn beneath the massive stage:

Features of New Cheyenne Frontier Days Stage

  • It weighs 265,000 lbs or 132.5 tons
  • The stage is 50 by 80 feet or 400 square feet
  • The stage has 24 sets of tires that rotate, so it can be backed into position
  • It is 80 feet from stage to roof
  • It takes two large tractors to pull the stage down the Frontier Days track
  • The trip from backstage takes about 30 minutes

I snapped a few pictures last night.