Courtesy of Table Mountain Outfitters

My wife's cousin, Angie Denny, is an outfitter in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She and her husband Scott own Table Mountain Outfitters.

Their house is very cool. They have a mountain lion in the living room and a stuffed bear in the kitchen. Their kids, Keedin and Kinlee, are following in their footsteps. They have both been hunting since they could carry a gun or a bow.

I am very proud of Angie. Recently, she was featured in an article in "Field and Stream" titled, Badass Female Hunters: Angie Denny.

I had to share what Kinlee had to say about her mom:

Here is a wonderful article on my truly badass mom! She is to modest to mention all the wonderful things she does for our family! My mom is someone who never gives up and will always fight for what she believes in, and is proud to do so. She always supports me and my brother and never gives up on us either. She is a wonderful wife always making sure she shows how much she loves my amazing dad. She loves all of us with all she has! She has definitely made a name for herself in the hunting field, but also in everything else she has done. She is an amazing mom, huntress, business woman, supporter, hockey mom (it's is own category), guide, cook and so so much more. I love you Momma you are an amazing woman!

Courtesy of Table Mountain Outfitters