Chris Cagle blew onto the Country Music scene back in the summer of 2000 with ‘Laredo.’ This summer, he’ll blow in to Brighton, Colorado! Fifteen years can blow right by, for sure. Maybe you ought to go check out the free show!

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

Wow. 15 years!  Chris Cagle hit Country Radio way back in 2000, with the hits ‘My Love Goes On and On’ and ‘Laredo.’

I remember ‘Play It Loud’ – that first album of Chris’.  Great, great songs. ‘‘The Love Between A Woman And A Man’ was one that I played loud, indeed! The album included his only #1 song to date, ‘I Breathe In, I Breath Out’-- THAT was a FANTASTIC song!

His second album in 2003, ‘Chris Cagle’, wasn’t all that bad, either-- ‘Chicks Dig It’ was HUGE!  Plus, ‘What A Beautiful Day’-- with that song, I thought he was poised to really give Tim McGraw a run for his money, but what do I know?  Here we are in 2015, and Tim McGraw himself would probably have a hard time naming three Chris Cagle tunes off the top of his head.

Chris has struggled since that second album.  He never really got out of that ‘B’ artist category, like some say Dierks Bentley did.  Chris has kicked around the Country Music community for the last ten-plus years, putting out a song here, getting divorced, there; putting out a new album here, getting remarried and having kids there.  Not that bad of a life, really!

You’ll still hear ‘What Kind of Gone’ (his 11th single from his 2008 ‘My Life’s Been A Country Song’ album) here and there on Country Radio, but not ‘I Breathe In, I Breathe Out.’ Oh, well..

The Adams County Fair presents Chris Cagle – for FREE on August 5th!  I say we all go and relive those days of yesteryear. Let’s party like it’s 2000 again!  Come on!

Get info on the Chris Cagle show HERE!