Chris Young may be a huge star, but he's not afraid to get real-- and that's kind of what we love about him, anyway.

During The Greeley Stampede this weekend, Chris Young popped into the K99 RV to talk about his love of social media and his previous experiences with rodeos-- both good and bad.

But the most fun was had when Sparx ventured into those 'off the wall' questions, including what Chris likes to do most when he's not recording:

Aww.  I think I melted a little bit.

If you think Chris is all teddy bear, though, you're wrong. When it comes to go-carting (or anything, apparently), you might not want to be racing against him.

"I love that my tour manager's laughing hysterically in the back there." Chris laughed after he said he was a little competitive. His tour manager responded, "Understatement; makes me laugh."

You can check out the full, behind-the-scenes interview right here: