The much-anticipated Clown Lives Matter march set for this Saturday has been cancelled.

According to Denver7, the Tuscon, AZ, march encouraged people to show up in mask, costume, and makeup at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 15, to show the world that not all clowns are "psycho killers." Since the event's announcement, the organizers have been harassed and received "numerous death threats," causing the march to get cancelled.

Organizers plan on putting together another Clown Lives Matter event in the future "when things settle down a bit," adding that it will likely be a charity event or toy drive.

Now, while there are good clowns out there, Colorado has had a number of threats and sightings of creepy clowns. In case the phenomenon continues here, this is what you should do (and not do) if you see a creepy clown.