Last weekend I went to the grocery store for one thing and it took forever. I was standing in line, thinking how glad I was I found Colorado Craft Beef.

So, skip the store and get your beef delivered right to your door each month in bio degradable packaging. That way you can stop standing in line and focus on what's really important, your family.

Founder Kara Smith is an environmentally conscious fifth generation cattle rancher. She also has a master's degree in cattle nutrition. The animals are treated extraordinarily well while grazing on a 5,000-acre ranch. Not only that, but they have very close relationships with the grain and seed farmers, as well as those who prepare the end product. The attention to detail, personal touch, and knowledge of beef is why I only eat Colorado Craft Beef.

They asked Jordan and I to come check out the ranch in Akron, so we did. One thing I noticed when I entered their beautiful home is that this isn't just a business for them.

They're redefining the way we get environmentally conscious, high quality beef and they love what they do. I feel so comfortable eating their beef after seeing the care and time they put in. I feel so passionate about their business that I want to get you in on this too.

Pay once a month and get a box of the best meat in the world delivered right to your door. Just visit Colorado Craft Beef and enter code "JAM" at checkout to save $20 on your first order.

See some photos and videos from our trip to Colorado Craft Beef in the video below.