There have been some interesting write-in presidential candidates in years past like Jesus, Willie Nelson, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Tim Tebow to name a few. This year however, we may be seeing the most unique presidential candidate ever, and he comes from our great state of Colorado. Fruita’s Mike the Headless Chicken is running for president. Not only is he a chicken, and without a head, but he has also been dead for nearly 50 years. 

The world-famous mascot for the Western Slope town will run for president as a write-in candidate. A Facebook page and a website all launched this week.

As legend has it, Mike was a rooster headed to the chopping block at the Olsen farm in 1945. Mike survived the beheading and lived for another 18 months. Scientists from the University of Utah have studied the headless chicken which was shown on a national curiosities tour and was featured by Life and Time magazines.

The city of Fruita celebrates the life of Mike during their annual Mike the Headless Chicken Festival which takes place the third weekend of May. Chicken, A Huge Car Show, Great Music & Entertainment, Chicken Dance Contest, Food and Craft Vendors, More Chicken, the 5k “Run Like a Headless Chicken”, Chicken Games, Eating Contests, Mike’s Market and more. Great Family Fun! And of course, attending this fun, family event is a NO BRAINER!

As for the whole running for the president thing, Mike says this on his website:

Hi, I’m Mike the Headless Chicken and I’m running for President on the Free Range Party ticket. I’m not on the ballot on all 50 states, the District of Columbia or all of the Territories, but you can vote for me as a write-in candidate. And if you’d like to do something totally cool and mindless, you can volunteer for my get-out-the-vote drive. I’ve already taken a few young protégés under my wing (what can I say, with my one ear I heard it as “prodigies”).

My campaign staff says we’re not as well funded as the big boys and could get our heads handed to us, but I’m an optimist—wanna see my wishbone?—and guess what, we’re cookin’ with gas. Hey, I’m a super chicken and I don’t need a cape to fly. The chicks are lining up to see me, and that’s something to crow about, huh?

My opponents—those poor clucks—are running around like headless chickens, and I gotta ask you: wouldn’t you really rather have the real thing? And wouldn’t you know it, those birds won’t debate me. If they did, I’ll bet you a doodle of wild hay you’ll see the feathers fly. If you ask me, all those strutting politicians onstage can learn something from a chicken with a natural strut in his step.

This November dont check the box write in Mike The Headless Chicken…..Because its a no brainer! just like most of Washington

A clip about Mike from the popular TV show “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”