A homeless Colorado man says his ear was chopped off, and he believes it was another homeless man who committed the slicing.

Stephen Sterns, 24, told Denver7 he was taking a break in Common's Park near the 16th Street Mall when someone hit him from behind with a skateboard, taking his debit card and marijuana.

"With the sand paper, it just kind of chopped my ear," he told Denver7, adding that he took a photo of his ear missing a chunk of itself - and the large gash he sustained in his head - before blacking out. "I got hit and I don't really remember much other than waking up in the hospital."

Sterns says he didn't get a good look at who bashed his head with the skateboard but that he believes it was anther homeless man who may have been on drugs.

Images and video footage of Sterns' injuries are disturbing, but can be viewed HERE

This attack definitely escalates concerns over the public's safety on the 16th Street Mall, even after the brutal pipe attack that happened in broad daylight recently. But even with (possibly increased?) police regulation, Sterns says there were no cops around at the moment of his attack.

Homeless himself, Sterns moved to Denver from Arizona this summer and is working on his GED at Urban Peak while living at a local Christian shelter.