A bull moose in the Brainard Lake Recreation area found himself a little tied up last week after getting his antlers and chin wrapped in rope.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers received multiple reports about the entangled moose on August 14. They worked to track him down, and ultimately located the creature west of Lake Isabelle, close to Pawnee Pass the following day.


On Friday evening, two wildlife officers successfully tranquilized the bull and removed the rope wrapped around his neck and antlers. As you can imagine, trying to help an animal who weighs over 1,000 pounds can be extremely challenging.


The moose did sustain injuries from the rope being wrapped around its neck and ears, but CPW believes that the cuts will heal up just fine and he'll soon be ready for the upcoming breeding season.

According to CPW, the bull had been previously relocated out of Boulder in 2014. They estimate him to be around 6-7 years old.

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