I wrote a story earlier this week about the possibility of the Secret Service being authorized to arrest Sheriffs across the country if they fail to uphold new gun control laws. Just a few minutes ago, I received a very nice email from Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith who wants to clarify a few things.


It seems as though the story last night went viral and is now overwhelming his office with emails and calls, I assume in support. I was very worried when I read this story at the original source.

To the point, Sheriff Justin Smith wanted to clear the air while saying yes, there is a bill that would add the Secret Service to a "list of federal officers" but he says they would have "limited state authority" and the bill, he says, is not being portrayed correctly...

In the last decade, CO started to grant limited authority to certain federal law enforcement agencies. The purpose is so that if they witness a citizen being victimized, they can act and turn the case over to a local police officer (because most crimes against our citizens are not federal crimes and they have no other jurisdiction to intervene as federal officers. The law also allows them, in cases where they are investigating a crime that is against both state and federal law, to file the case with our local DA in situations where the damage amount doesn't meet a threshold where the federal prosecutors will file it in federal court. If you read the bill, you will see the limitations clearly in it. As Sheriffs, we are the beacon against over reach by federal authorities, but in this situation, it is not the case - Sheriff Justin Smith

I think the bottom line is there are now around 350 Sheriffs from all across the country who are staring into a barrel of trouble when they refuse to arrest someone based on the 2nd Amendment issues they say they will not enforce. Someone will have to slap cuffs on these guys, so, who will be doing that?  Federal Marshall's or the Secret Service?

I hold every one of these Sheriffs in the highest regard for taking the stand they have taken concerning 2nd Amendment rights, but I'm afraid it won't end here and eventually they will be put to the test.  I hope I'm wrong but this is just getting started and I want to personally thank Sheriff Smith for his email.