Colorado State University announced this week that Philanthropists John and Leslie Malone have given the school the largest gift in school history. The record $42.5 million gift will be used to help develop regenerative medical therapies for animals and people.

The donation will launch the CSU Institute for Biologic Translational Therapies to investigate next-generation remedies based on living cells and their products, including patient-derived stem cells, to treat musculoskeletal disease and other ailments. Colorado State veterinarians are expert at analyzing medical treatments for animal patients, then providing knowledge gained to boost human medical advancements; the progression is known as translational medicine and is successful because of similarities in animal and human physiology and disease.

The gift will be broken down into two separate categories. $10 million will go towards the operations of the facility and $32.5 million for the construction of an institute building. This will feature laboratories, specialized surgical suites, and conference space for veterinarians and physicians. A requirement of $32.5 million in matching donations will be needed for building construction.