I know.  The title of this blog doesn't sound particularly appetizing.  That's exactly why I had to find out why people are raving about it.

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Simply put, the Chubby Cattle is the

"first restaurant in the world providing refrigerated conveyer belt based hotpot with the finest traditional hotpot from Asia."

Amy Sussman

Okay, that's only simple if you know what hotpot is.  It's meat, usually beef, cooked with potatoes in a covered pot.  Which sounds like something I would make as a bachelor when I was cleaning out my fridge.

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I want to clarify that this is a super popular Asian dish, and a type of restaurant that was first tested in Vegas to great success.  It serves a variety of fresh-cut meats including sushi, pasta, and desserts; and, just in case walking the ol' buffet line is too much work, this stuff goes by you on conveyors.  Another reason for that is that there's a lot to choose from, and you'd probably never see anywhere near all of it if it just sat there.

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The Chubby Cattle is at 2 Broadway Avenue in Denver.