It's the time of the year to say congrats. Congratulations to all of our graduates. What an amazing accomplishment. Whether you are graduating from high school or college, I salute you. You should be so proud of your achievement. I tried to go to college when I got out of high school. I went to college for 3 1/2 months where I majored in hanging out with the janitor and watching soap operas. I also learned how to cook Spaghetti O's in a crock pot. I appreciate those who went and actually got an education. Well done.
Graduating high school is getting more and more difficult. My hat is off to all who were able to stick it out and will get their diplomas over the next few weeks. You are now much more prepared for the work force then those who didn't. You will never regret sticking it out and getting that piece of paper.
The world is waiting for you and needs you. We need your young creative and energetic minds. We are counting on you to help make the working world a good place to live and grow. We are counting on you to create a world for your children to prosper and be all they can be as well.
Congratulations grads! The world is yours.