Guys, it was National Cookie Day and I MISSED IT?! I refuse to allow that kind of travesty. Even if it was last week, I shall NOT let this momentous occasion pass unmarked.

Now, I normally try to treat every day as ‘National Cookie Day,’ but when you’re buying a box of Lofthouse Cookies every week to “celebrate,” my self-awareness starts to get annoyingly keen at scenting my lies. And my self-awareness knows that when you’re celebrating a holiday every day of the year, that means it’s not really a holiday, it’s a habit. So that might be… a problem.

But that’s what makes National Cookie Day so special! Because it's the time to appreciate one of the things that truly make life worth living. So! To commemorate, I would suggest dragging your best friend, your significant other, or even your roommate on a whirlwind tour of Fort Collins’ best bakeries, starting with these:

1) Mary’s Mountain Cookies

Credit: Google

Mary’s Mountain Cookies is a Fort Collins staple; if you live in NoCo and haven’t been, then what are you even doing with yourself? They serve large, wonderfully chewy cookies in all kind of flavors, some with frosting, some dipped in chocolate, and some packed with M&Ms. But if you really want to make your visit an Experience, then get one of their sandwich cookies, which can have anything from ice cream, frosting, or even cookie dough in the middle. It’s like a cookie-ception, and it’s absolutely delicious.

2) Insomnia Cookies


Ok, this one may not have the local flair of Mary’s Mountain Cookies, but it does have one element that makes it any college student’s best friend. Just like the names suggests, these guys will deliver your cookies to you, all the way up to 3 am. Yeah, you heard me right. You don’t even have to pause your all-night binge of The Office; just choose anything you want to order off their menu and cuddle back into your blankets.

3) The Little Bird Bakeshop

Photo credit: Google

If you’re feeling like something a little classier, try the Little Bird Bakeshop. Not only do they have large n’ little cookies in a variety of flavors, but they also have homemade Oreos, brownies, cinnamon rolls, fancy pastries like Caneles, and more! Everything’s fresh baked each morning too, and if you call them ahead of time they’re happy to set aside any treat for you.