You've probably seen people eat chocolate-covered crickets and mealworm lollipops on TV - it's weird at first, but after seeing so many people do it, it almost seems normal.

There's a restaurant in Japan that is taking taboo food to a whole new level, and it just might have the world's weirdest menu.

Chinju-ya restaurant in Yokohama, Japan, has become a huge hit with diners and tourists who flock to the location to try their odd menu items. The name also translates literally to "rare beast monger," which you'll find to be pretty fitting once you see what's on the menu.

Here's a list of some of the menu items at Chinju-ya:

Pig's brains stew with a boiled egg
Camel curry and bear meat
Pig's penis and testicles stew
Piranha fish
Dolphin fin sashimi
Chicks grilled whole
Edible insects
Edible cockroaches
Black scorpion
Battered axolotl (salamander)
Ready to cook - crocodile hands and isopods

Would you eat anything on this menu? What's the weirdest thing you've eaten?