Craig Campbell made the trip to Nashville in 2002 from Georgia where he grew up playing piano at his Mom's church.  After his Mother divorced, his 11 year old sister was charged with watching her younger siblings which is perhaps where he found the inspiration to write his only Top 20 hit to date, "Family Man."

In 2002 Craig Campbell moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he found several jobs as a musician including finding a gig in Tracy Byrd's touring band but it wasn't until a singer by the name of Luke Bryan persuaded him to start writing songs of his own.

His self entitled album released in 2011 produced two great songs: "Family Man" which hit #14 on the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and the album's second single called "Fish," peaked at number 23. (Click on song titles for the official video's)

Now Craig Campbell is on the verge of releasing a 2nd album with a title to be determined at a future date but here is the first single from that album called "Outta My Head."  Don't forget to vote for the song and check out the other two video links here in the story for his official video's.

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