D Dennison is crazy for working out... but not the way you're thinking. She wants you to know that she is just crazy. Crazy for working out on a Sunday.

Here is the deal about D Dennison, me, and being crazy for working out. This is not the first Sunday I have done this. The first time was at the end of week one when my trainer Sara at the Fort Collins Club said to come in on Sunday, then I tilted my head a bit, but realized that I was dedicated to this and needed to commit, even if it was on a Sunday.

This morning was the second time. And this one really shows how crazy I am as I did it by myself, without my trainer and without anyone else. I literally go up early this morning and put on my running shoes.

There of course is another reason for my craziness. I now have running shoes. On our way home yesterday from a night in Denver featuring the greatest entertainer ever, Garth Brooks, we stopped at a shoe company and spent two hours getting my set up with the perfect shoes for my feet while running.

I don't mean to be that crazy friend who just started working out and now I have to talk about it every minute and throw it in your face about how great I feel every time you turn around, but I can't believe I'm doing it and am afraid if I don't involve you I will give up, see you are my support system and I thank you for being that.

Honestly, I don't always feel great, sometimes I am tired. Sometimes I don't want to get out of bed or jog another lap or lift another weight. But I do and I am hoping that one day my results will be more obvious and that I will be able to walk to the top of Red Rocks with out taking three breaks as I did last weekend. This road is not fun and I wish that I had paid closer attention to my weight gain and complete falling out of shape.

Thanks again for your support. Here's to getting back into shape and staying there.