I don't care who you are, short or tall, you'll have to agree the traffic in Fort Collins makes a fella want to ball. The roadways aren't safe to walk, ride or drive.

Driving in Fort Collins isn't Safe iStock

This is purely editorial in nature, but I really feel that we have lost control of the roadways.

I don't feel safe riding a bike, walking or even driving. I see people on the road riding their bikes and I am so leery of them. I am afraid for them when they ride their bikes, I get angry because they seem not to follow the rules of the roads sometimes. But mostly I am afraid because no one seems to pay attention to them.

Motorcycles are a whole different story. My James has a 'fatboy' and I have witnessed first hand how people just don't pay attention. We have been riding when a car will just pull out right in front of us. I worry for him when he is out riding and I don't mean on long trips or in the mountains, I mean along Harmony as he travels to work.

I worry for my children and their significant others and all of my friends when they drive in today's conditions. Weld County has already had 18 or more fatalities on the roadways and the total number of traffic fatalities in all of 2014 was 62. Let's do the math on this if there were 62 traffic deaths in 2014 and today we have 18 that's 86.4 traffic deaths for the year if we continue at this pace. And that would outpace 2014 by roughly 38 percent. (providing my math is correct)

Do you feel comfortable on the road? Cyclists are being hit, pedestrians are being mulled down and vehicles are getting into such horrific car accidents that they are flipping their vehicles at intersections like Lemay and Boardwalk. How fast are you going to flip a vehicle at that intersection, I travel the roadway often and rarely ever get up to the speed limit let alone reach speeds that would likely cause a rollover.

I know that complaining and whining will never solve anything, but if you could please slow down, look twice or four times before darting out in front of traffic and stop texting, talking on your phones while eating and reading and if you don't think that happens look around tomorrow morning when you drive to work or home from work tonight. And for goodness sakes please most definitely do not text and drive with a baby in the car seat in the back seat as I saw yesterday.

Be safe, you are important to someone!