There is no reason to muddle through my past and understand why I am a realistic, I just am. If you've listened through the years, nearly 17 years now, (I started with the radio station cluster on Tri 102.5 in 1997) you understand why I can be so hard and strict. My Zachariah has always shown a talent for singing and playing an instrument. He taught himself to play the guitar as a young boy and sang in church for many years.

Zachariah Dean Band

As a young boy he always talked about becoming a big time country star and how he would buy me a big house and take care of me. He was so young and his words were that of a cute little boy with big dreams.

D Dennison-TSM Zachariah, the cute little boy!

Well that cute little boy continued to have those big dreams well into his teens and early manhood.But his mother, me, never supported his dream. I have been in radio for longer than some of you have been alive, I started in a small North Dakota town by the name of Tioga. I have seen the struggles of young bands or soloists try to make a name for themselves and most if not all have fallen flat if ever coming close to their Nashville dreams.

'when Zachariah went to culinary school, even studying in France I thought, "yay" he has finally given up on this Nashville dream. Guess what, the fire always burned in him. He hasn't lost his desire to work hard and reach those goals. I have seen him in the last year work harder than I have ever seen him work. He has stayed true to his dream and has worked passionately to constantly improve himself.

I know that I am his mother, but if I may say, he has done an incredible job with his band and maturing his voice. His band, Zachariah Dean Band is only second to his mother and his girlfriend, Anna. (and sometimes we both wonder about that, just kidding) I could not be more proud of him and the efforts he has made to make his dreams come true, while he continues to be a chef (to pay the bills) he keeps his sights on Nashville. He says he won't be satisfied until he hears his mommy announce his first single on the radio. (yes, my 25 year old son still calls me mommy, and I'm okay with that-forever)

Tonight is his first big public performance, yes that means paid- :) and we are very excited for the entire band and their dreams too. Zachariah Dean Band is made up of Zachariah-lead vocals, Billy Hawker-lead guitarist/back-up vocals (yes Hawker like in Hawker Automotive), J.T. Bradley-Drums (and wait till you hear his vocal solo), Derek Mannes-Rhythm Guitar and Garrett Holtz on Bass.

The big show is tonight at the Hideout in Fort Collins at 7pm! Be there or be square :P