Six weeks into this new journey and as you know, it hasn't been all daisies and rainbows. But my weight loss journey is off to a healthy start. Here is a quick update. 

The very first day of my journey I really thought to myself, what the heck did I sign up for?

Each time I go to the gym it is a struggle to make the car go in that direction. I don't want to give the impression that this is really fun and I am really into this and say to myself wow, why didn't I do this sooner. I dread it, I don't think that I will ever make it through a session with my trainer Sara, but I go and I do.

My endurance has improved, my muscles are waking up and I am noticing the inches and pounds shedding. I wish that it were more appropriate to show you a picture of my quads... I still have upper-inner thigh flab and dimpling, but I noticed last night that I have a definition cut that I have never had before. It is kind of cool to be able to see the definition appear, seemingly by magic.

This week I am on a 5-day cleanse and it is literally killing me. It kick-started Monday with a full day of fasting. No juices, smoothies or other concoctions... just straight up lemon water all day. That was difficult, but I did it! (I did take a nap when I got home from work to help the time go by faster, but I did it) I have since been eating a yogurt breakfast, a tuna salad (no not with mayo on a delicious bun) for lunch, the same salad with a small chicken breast for dinner and a couple of cups of green tea throughout the day. If you know me, this is not my preferred way of eating, but then again my old way of eating is how I ended up fat. I have lost six pounds this week so far and look forward to next week when I can eat a more diverse and interesting meal plan. But am afraid that the progress I have made this week will be for not if I am not careful, I want to continue losing, trimming and creating definition.

This journey started out primarily for health reasons, but the additional benefits are pretty cool.

I was diagnosed with hypertension about 10 years ago.  After dealing with palpitations for longer than I'd like to admit, i finally went to the doctor. At that visit my blood pressure was 190/110!!!!! My doctor immediately hooked me up to machines to make sure that I had not suffered any heart damage, good news, I hadn't. But from that day on I have been on tons of blood pressure medicine and can immediately tell when I have forgotten to take it. I also have high cholesterol, part of this is just simple genetics. I am Native American and despite food changes and the like we have never been able to control that without medication. (At the time of my initial consult with the doctor I was working out 3 times a week and eating much healthier than I have in the recent past)

As you can imagine, I am pre diabetic and that along with the blood pressure and cholesterol issues, this journey has become one of the most important journey's of all time.

I love that you are here with me and cheering me on, thank you for all of the emails and encouragement.

If you have been struggling with the motivation and drive that you wished you had, trust me, I too still struggle with it and know that if you just invest six-weeks in yourself you will feel differently. No, you will not likely ever really feel like a television fitness freak, I don't, but you will feel better about breathing, walking and living.

I owe a lot to the Fort Collins Club and my trainer Sara for taking a chance on me and believing in me. Here's to another six-weeks, hopefully I will see you there. And if you do go and see me, please stop by and say hi, goodness knows I could use the minute or two break from my trainers torture!