I was in Las Vegas this past weekend for The 47th annual Academy of Country Music Awards! I didn't really get to meet any HUGE Country stars.. but did kinda bump into Justin Moore.

Believe me, he won't forget the little bald guy with glasses during the ACM broadcast!

Come in and get the story!

Since K99 was nominated for Small Market Radio Station of the Year at the 47th ACMs, the boss let me go to the show!

While in Vegas, I was fortunate enough to get an invite to a brunch on Sunday held by Toby Keith's record label - Show Dog Universal Nashville.  Free food, a bloody mary, and three great acts performed acoustically:  J.T. Hodges, Rose Falcon and Jessie JamesJessie James, incidentally, had just gotten engaged to Eric Decker of the Denver Broncos the night before! All three of the acts were GREAT- -however the only decent picture I could get was of Jessie James:

So later, it's time for the awards show (I DID have another buddy, Randy from Loveland, fly out and join me- a boys weekend!). We were seated on the floor of the MGM's Grand Garden Arena for the live telecast; during which, if you leave during a commercial break and are not back before they go live again, you don't get to come in.  Knowing that, I told Randy I would go and get a couple of beers- I would miss the upcoming segment-not a big deal.  However, the beer line was SO LONG, that not only was I out for one commercial break, but two!

Here's where the 'brush with fame' comes in.

As I waited and waited in that beer line- I look around and BAM! Justin Moore was walking around mingling!  It's not hard to mistake Justin, he's shorter (like me) and wears a big cowboy hat (unlike me).

I wanted to go up and say hi- but DID NOT want to give up my place in line- I was already going to miss TWO segments of the ACMs, I couldn't risk missing another! Finally, I realize I COULD snap a photo; but by the time I got my phone out and got the camera going, Justin had turned his back to me, and then walked off to the left. Not that he was avoiding me, I was just another person in that "long beer line".

Here's my awesome photography skills at work:

I finally get my two beers and head over to 'the tunnel' where you walk into the arena floor.  There was a line there too: people waiting for the thick black curtains to open and let us through.  If you had just the right angle, you could see Jason Aldean singing 'Fly Over States'.  I was enjoying myself though- I was AT the ACMs- no whining!

Then, I just happen to look around behind me, and a few people back is- Justin Moore!  I'm standing there holding two beers (both hands full), so I can't grab my phone to take his picture.  So, I thought it'd be hysterical if HE took MINE. It just cracked me up, so I turned around to face Justin:

"Justin! Justin Moore!" I shout.

"Hey!" He said.

"Justin, what if you took MY picture!" I shout out. Holding up the beers to demonstrate I'm in a pickle. People around me laugh.

"Sure!" Justin replies.

Then, I realize, he isn't reaching for a camera or his phone or anything.

"You don't have a camera, do you?"  I ask, knowing what he's going to say.


'Damn' I think to myself.

But I have broken the ice, I have to try and get a picture now.  So I turn to this woman next to me and ask her to hold my two beers.

"Sure" she says, and kind of clumsily takes the beers- by holding them underhanded in her palms. I don't have time to figure out a better way for her to hold the beers- gotta get my phone out.

As I'm moving over to Justin and his manager, I'm trying to get the camera working the right way.  I just got my new smartphone and haven't mastered it yet.  In the milliseconds that are going by, I notice that neither Justin nor his manager are moving in to assist or get into position for a photo. I also notice that in the time I've been looking down at my phone, the line has finally started to move into the arena.

My beers!

I shove the phone back into my pocket and dart back to woman who was kind enough to hold the beers; she seems very relieved that I haven't forgotten her.

By now, the line is in full throttle- everyone moving as fast and as quietly as they can to get onto the floor and to their seats.

My moment.... has passed.

Such, is life. I take my beers and move on to my seat. Justin Moore goes to his seat- way up there with the other Country stars.

Turns out, Justin was there at the ACMs with his wife Kate!

Maybe he'll remember Dave Jensen:


'The Little Guy with Two Beers Who Wanted Me to Take HIS Picture'.

Maybe he won't.

It was still fun.... and that's what it's all about, right?

Thanks Justin!

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