This story truly begs the question, what is wrong with some people? It happens more often then we like to think it does, but burglary is way too prominent in our society. I guess some folks never had their mama tell them one of the most basic rules in life... If it ain't yours don't touch it! To make the story of this robbery even worse, it happened to a family who is all too familiar to loss.

Three-year-old Delaney Wadsworth died of a rare brain tumor last March, and as her parents Jason and Brenna along with new baby Trinity were trying to move forward in life, they suffered a another loss. Roughly $2,000 in tools and paint from a home they were fixing up together was stolen Tuesday.

The two say they don't think the person or people who are responsible knew who they were. They hope someone will return the tools and paint.

9News put together a great piece about the Wadsworth's journey last night...